Dear Desolate is a five piece Nu Metal band from Raleigh, North Carolina with an energy similar to Korn and Slipknot on one level and Meshuggah and Fear Factory on another. With an onslaught of percussion, rhythm, and vocal intensity, Dear Desolate moves a tesseract of energy within the crossover metal genre that has not been seen since the b-sides on “Iowa.” Shortly after forming in 2014, they premiered their debut album “Live Free or Die” (Producer: Drew Fulk) on BloodyDisgusting.com, which was followed by “Pulling Teeth” (Fulk 2015), and their first signature song “Fracture” a 2016 Revolver Magazine release recorded by Kile Odell (Motionless in White, Cane Hill): three releases that demonstrate an evolving collision of complex polyrhythms, syncopated backbeat breakdowns, and a guttural vocal force that allow the mind-bending onslaught to lead where others should simply follow.


Over the years, Dear Desolate has toured with Forevermore, Kingdom of Giants, and Darkness Divided (2016) as well as Affiance and Sirens and Sailors (2017). After recording the single “Sweet Tooth” (NewNoiseMagazine,com) and their second signature hit  “73” with Josh Schroeder (King 810, For the Fallen Dreams), they replaced guitarist Tyler Davis with Taylor Veraldi (Tour Manager & FOH: From Ashes To New).Their 2018 release “Jessica” is their latest single with the new lineup, and the material represents a turning point in their overall sound--one that pushes the limits of their songwriting and the genre as a whole.


Defined by their juxtaposition of metalcore, electronic hardcore, and a groundbreaking nu-metal aesthetic, Dear Desolate is dialed into the very substance of progressive music--its legacies--its currencies--and its future: this is that sound.

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